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well don't worry you have fans they sure would love you making them feel better wait nevermind there fans..

God damnit Kyle, now I dunno how to ship you with. Eric, or Stan FUCK

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I don't ship Cartman and Wendy but I'm only saving it for the second most beautiful ship Kyle and Stan 💛💙

Let It Go - Kyle Ver. by MarshieMello-Cookies - God, I can't stop laughing xDD

Omg Kyle that was good but what if you and Craig did it together right in front of Eric and Tweek -insert Lenny face-

SP: Three color themes by mamiuuuuuu.deviantart.com on @deviantART ---- I'm mostly pinning it for the last two. I rarely see Christophe or the Mole drawn in memorable ways.

Omg I barley see Gregory and Christophe get drawn with the South Park boys fan art, this is actually the first or second time I’ve seen them in fan art YAY