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How to make juicy chicken even better with a tasty gravy.


Japanese Cutting Techniques 野菜の切り方 • Just One Cookbook

The hawker nearby you doesn't serve Har Cheong Gai, better known as Prawn Paste Chicken? Don't worry, here you can find out how to make your own delicious ones!

from The Kitchn

How To Sharpen a Knife: The Video — Sharpen Up

How To Sharpen a Knife: The Video — Sharpen Up | The Kitchn

What’s the best food combination that you have tried in life? Ours would be coffee and ribs! Check out our video recipe to have a taste of delicious maple coffee pork ribs.

With our taste buds made for spicy delights, this Tom Yum spaghetti will definitely give you an entirely new eating experience. Watch this video to learn the simple steps to cook this dish.

Chock full of vitamin C, oranges are not only beneficial to our health but also can be used for really creative purposes. In this video, Amy Cheng shows you how to make lamps out of orange peels!

The sweetness of the Golden Trevally is soaked in a spicy Tom Yum soup for the perfect combination of sugar & spice. Chef Leong also shares his master tips for cooking this delicious fish.

Fancy some delicious risotto for dinner? Watch our video recipe to learn how to make this dish!

Fay Khoo shows you how to make fresh baked pasta at home with 5 second meatballs and some of her trademark 'secret' ingredients. Watch the video for more.