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USB Terracotta Army Flash Drive

USB Terracotta Army Flash Drive

Terracotta Soldiers in China

Terracotta Army - a collection of terracotta sculptures, depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang.

media: chalk on pavement...pretty neat..

LEGO Amazing Sidewalk Chalk pavement art: 17 July People play on a street painting at Wanda Square in Fuzhou

#chalk art  EPICALLY RAD.

Planet Streetpainting is a collaboration of street artists based in the Netherlands, who created this crazy drawing during the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Florida for Pavement Art Through the Ages. Group's art director is Leon Keer.

Terra Cotta Soliders

Terra-Cotta Warriors, China: Platoons of clay soldiers were buried with China's First Emperor, Qin Shi Huang Di, to accompany him during his eternal rest.

The Terracotta Army, discovered in 1974 by some local villagers in Xi’an, China, LeelooDallas

Standing guard for 2400 years, The Terracotta Army, Xi'an, China One of the most amazing things I've ever seen. I wish I could see it in real life.

The TerraCotta Warriors | #Information #Informative #Photography

The Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses museum urged me to visit Xi'an, China.

China's First Emperor and his 8,000-Man, Terra Cotta Army

China's First Emperor and his Terra Cotta Army