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The Angel of Death.

American Horror Story Quote  #AmericanHorrorStory #Quote #AHS http://kernelcritic.com/american-horror-story-freak-show-season-4-episode-3/

I pinned this because I think once your in the circus, your not able to be yourself because your always hiding behind a mask or facepaint.

This was very inspirational to me.

You can get the best inspiration from the best bands 💗brendon, wallpaper, and lockscreen image

Kit Walker

Evan Peters as Kit Walker in AHS Asylum. I also love how talented he is! I'll be watching season 2 and end up reminding myself that this is the same guy who played Tate!

If I live to see the seven wonders, I will make a path to the rainbows end -Seven Wonders Fleetwood Mac

The Aries Witch ♈ Just thought I’d write a little bit about the 7 Wonders, shown in American Horror Story: Coven Pyrokinesis is the to control and manipulate fire through kinetic energy Descensum is the ability to project one’s mind into different.