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Gold, along with silver, has long been known as the primary means of real money. For thousands of years, gold has been used in trade. It is real, scarce, cannot be artificially reproduced, and has inherent value. Gold has stood the test of time more than any other form of currency. You won’t find any other paper money that was around hundreds of years ago, but you will see that gold is just as in demand now as it was then.

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الذهب يرتفع لكنه يبقى بالقرب من أدنى مستوياته منذ مايو

الذهب يرتفع لكنه يبقى بالقرب من أدنى مستوياته منذ مايو

File photo of gold ingots It is alleged the gold was processed into ingot.

Three French workers are due in court on charges of stealing gold treasure they discovered while working on a Normandy property, local media say.

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Gold futures ended lower in the domestic market on Tuesday amid speculation that the US Federal Reserve may raise interest rates next month for the first time since