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A Supercell strom, Beautiful and Dangerous

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Photo and caption by David Hardy Summer stom. A super cell formed off the coast of New Zealand, intensified and swept across Christchurch and North Canterbury. 23 Feb Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Beautiful Mother Nature

My favorite :) I always thought they were slides from heaven to earth when I was a kid.when my brother passed away, I would see the sun rays and think that he was shining his light on to me from heaven.pinned my Our Zakarya

Nature is so awesome...clouds

Nebraska supercell June 2011 Shit like this both terrifies and amazes me- horrifying beauty

Leigh Thomas Supercell by Matheson Colorado

Extreme weather phenomena, spectacular photos showing the power of nature. Mothership and supercell in the sky.

What God can do is amazing.

Better stay indoors and snuggle into some comfort furniture from our Cloud Collection.

A supercell merges with other storms to produce high winds and hail near…

US storm chaser risks life to photograph nature's most extreme moments

A supercell merges with other storms to produce high winds and hail near Valentine, Nebras.

Animation 010 by Cikal_R  / Contineus

Animation 15 by Cikal _Ramadhan Continues 

Tremenda tempestade adivinha-se na vizinhança

Tremenda tempestade adivinha-se na vizinhança

LP supercell lightning

Mullen, NE tornadic supercell shriveled up into this chimney structure with still frequent lightning coming out of the updraft.