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海辺 (via 778) on Twitpic

I love the beach at sunset! Ilove relaxing ay the beach.

Gattino bianco

Little white kitten staring lovingly. Has green eyes. Cats and kittens of all shapes and sizes.


Top 14 Most Funny Pictures About Cat – Cute Animal Kitten & Dog Photo Idea - Easy Idea

Firemen who help animals too are my heroes

her expression in that last picture - amazing. Faith in humanity restored

Future Familiar, seeks a probationary position in a training home, willing to work for food and keep.

I'm a witch! A scary Halloween witch kitty! I have ghosts and pumpkins and all that Halloween stuff. And a scary witch hat!

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theenchantedcove:  http://www.pinterest.com/pin/125045327126987706/

♥ This is what my sweet little boy looks like every morning when I go to wake him for school. A sweet baby kitteh. I always wake him up calling him "sweet kitty, wake up sweet kitty.

At first I thought this was TAIL IN MOUF but instead it is kitten who has captured a harmonizing feather!

(KO) I beat up a feather duster, takin' it back to my lair to kill it and eat it. I'm a mighty hunter. My mama said so.

"Don't worry, I has a plan to break us outta here!" #kittens

* * KITTEN ON LEFT: " Come on, weez gotta getZ outta dis basket And start explorin. I willz beez wif yoo.

"We quickly discovered that 2 kittens were much more fun than one." --Alan Lacy

Note to self: Three sets of shots, about each. Spaying, around More food, more kitty litter, more messes to clean up. But idc they're adorable :)