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Jack: I got something for you?! Me: Really?! Jack: "yes! *he pulls out a snowflake necklace* I thought you would like it" Me:" I love it SOOOOO MUCH! Thank you!" Jack: "no problem. Want me to put it on for you?" Me:"YES!" *jack puts on my necklace.* jack: "I love you" *jack kisses my neck and I held back a giggle* and next thing I knew I was full on making out with him. Then the door swung open. Anna: "hey elsa i was wondering if you and jack wanted to go on a- *screaming * OH MY GOD IM…

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Ask and Dare Elsa A.K.A Cupid (And Friends)

You should read "Ask and Dare Elsa A.K.A Cupid (And Friends)" on #wattpad #fanfiction