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"Camuflage" Android Theme. Free download  http://androidlooks.com/theme/t0644-camuflage/  #android, #themes, #customization, #goLauncher

Hide your phone screen’s imperfections with this Camouflage Android theme. The military inspired theme covers your main screen with the signature camouflage used by soldiers while the theme’s icons are arranged neatly all around.

"Cosmos" Android Theme. Free download  http://androidlooks.com/theme/t2158s-cosmos/    #Cosmos, #android, #androidTheme, #apusLauncher

"Cosmos" Android Theme. Free download http://androidlooks.com/theme/t2158s-cosmos/ #Cosmos, #android, #androidTheme, #apusLauncher

"Black Silver" Android Theme. Free download  http://androidlooks.com/theme/t1429-black-silver/   #android, #androidTheme, #soloLauncher

Want a theme that looks like it does not need much in order to work? The Black Silver theme is like that with its sleek looking background of mostly silver with hints of black. Its silver icons look perfect too.

"Transparent Space" Android Theme. Free download  http://androidlooks.com/theme/t0900-transparent-space/ ‪#‎android‬, ‪#‎androidthemes‬, ‪#‎customization‬, ‪#‎space‬, ‪#‎goLauncher‬

Enjoy a nice view of the night sky with this cool Android theme showing millions of bright stars against a purple background. For contrast, the theme uses completely white icons laid out on a grey horizontal bar.

Free Android Theme "Energy Diamond"  http://androidlooks.com/theme/t1458-energy-diamond/   #Diamond, #android, #androidthemes, #customization, #soloLauncher

The blue and purple shapes imitating the various shapes seen in a diamond will be seen when you use this Android theme. The neon green icons that are seen lined up on screen will not look out of place with the rest of the theme.

"Maldives" Android Theme. Free download  http://androidlooks.com/theme/t1450-maldives/   #Maldives, #android, #androidTheme,  #nature, #soloLauncher

See the serene beauty of Maldives on your very own Android phone. Whether you have seen it in person before or you dream of seeing it for real, you can bask in the serenity of the place with every swipe of your finger on the screen.

"Glasklart" Android Theme. Free download  http://androidlooks.com/theme/t0274-glasklart/  #android, #themes, #clouds, #apex_launcher

A stunning cloud formation serves as the perfect setting of this Glasklart theme. The white and yellowish hue of the clouds presents a high contrast backdroup to the white and gray theme icons.

"Rainbow Night" Android Theme. Free download  http://androidlooks.com/theme/t0299-rainbow-night/ ‪#‎android‬, ‪#‎themes‬, ‪#‎customization‬, ‪#‎cartoon‬, ‪#‎go_launcher‬

This night sky theme uses quirky drawings for its icons to add a touch of playfulness to its gloomy night look. Install it into your phone and have fun with its moon and planet shaped icons.

"Android L" Android Theme. Free download  http://androidlooks.com/theme/t0230-android-l/  #android, #themes, #customization, #smart_launcher

This brown and white Android theme offers a radical deviation from your usual theme by rearranging the phone’s icons around and vertically all over the screen.

Metal android theme

The Metal Android theme gives your phone a robust, shiny new look. The riveted plate at the center of the screen gives you the feeling that someone has just hammered the piece into your phone.