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26 Quick & Easy Mason Jar Crafts You Can MAke In Under An Hour …

32 Mason Jar Crafts You Can Make In Under An Hour [2nd Edition]

How to make your own Mason Jar Soap Dispensers - Awesome tutorial with lots of photos! Love the Mason jar soap dispensers from Bath & Body Works, now I can make them myself!

Awesome tutorial on how to tint glass. I've seen this done with expensive glass paint, but didnt want to invest in the paint just in case i didnt like it. but i will def try this method out!

Simple DIY: Tinting Bottles & Jars Here is one of my favorite, SIMPLE Craft/Decor tips. How to Tint Bottles and Jars with Mod Podge, Water, and Food Coloring!

Lavender, turquoise pewter and soft grass green sprayed Ball jars with white roses.

Mason Jars Painted Distressed

DIY: Painted & Distressed Mason Jars Tutorial - acrylic paint, sand with a nail file, finish with a water & scratch resistant spray. for my coffee table.

WHAT?!???  1 tsp elmers glue, 3 drops food coloring, and 1.5 tsp of water. painted onto clear glass jars will turn them whatever color you'd like (:

Huang - great for flowers, centerpieces, etc! COLORED MASON JARS: 1 tsp elmers glue, 3 drops food coloring, and tsp of water. painted onto clear glass jars will turn them whatever color you'd like (:

Modge Podge + Food Coloring to make beautiful, colorful mason jars. (Mix Modge Podge and coloring in a bowl then coat the inside of the jar. Make sure color is dark enough for bright color. Place upside down on wax paper 30 min. Then put in oven 170 for 10min upside on wax paper. Then turn right side up for 30 min. Perfection)

Make colored Mason jars! Mix mod podge with food coloring and coat inside by moving the jar around. Let dry for hours. Also spray paint mason jars!

10 Creative, Inexpensive DIY Ideas for Mason Jars | Equally Wed - A gay and lesbian wedding magazine.

This DIY candy mason jar idea is so simple and easy to do. This would go great at any party especially at a baby shower. Filling a jar up with candy and making it look colorful and letting the quest pick.

Tint the outside if you're going to put food in them.

Tint Mason Jars easily with these few simple steps

painted-mason-jar-pink-ombre-distressed-how-to 3

Painted Mason Jars: Pink

PEAEven More Mason Jars Over 75 creations

Even More Mason Jars Over 75 creations

DIY idea - Hand Painted Mason Jar Lantern with Peacock Blue Glass by LITdecor

s 30 great mason jar ideas you have to try, Cutlery Holder For Your BBQ Table

30 Great Mason Jar Ideas You Have To Try

Check out these 10 Mason Jar Craft Ideas for fun ideas for what to do with your Mason jars this summer!

Really need to invest in spray paint -- DIY painted mason jars, this time.

DIY - Mason Jar Color Update Step-by-Step Tutorial using Krylon Indoor / Outdoor Spray Paint. Love the repurposing as flower and herb planters.