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The history of decorating horses. Native American Indians even painted their horses and ponies decorating them with with war symbols or symbols of power before they went into battle re-pin

Totem pole by Chief Tony Hunt of the Kwakiutl

Native American. I am sorry but I have to say this. Holy shit this guy is hot!! I feel better now.

42 year-old Cherokee Native American man who had been living homeless in Los Angeles.

Not a model! Portraits of people from Northern Kenya taken by John Kenny

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Grande Chefe Seattle: exemplo de sabedoria e lucidez ao cara pálida

1. Remain Close to The Great Spirit What does The Great Spirit mean to you? Do you resonate with the phrase The Great Spirit or with God, the Higher Power, your Higher Self, Jesus, Oneness, Krishna, Buddha, or any other? Whichever is your truth, remain close to it, know it is... #body #indian #mind

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It's Scary How Accurate These 23 Tweets Are About Dating And Relationships

Native American men are just so. .. just so.... do i have to say more^

The American Holocaust ~ and the demoralization of the few survivors as well! Not something you will see the truth about in American history texts though we criticize nations who did less and justify the destruction of these highly spiritual peoples as "heathens" because they did not understand our destructive ways.

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US Crazy 'Americans'

Genocide & enslavement. **& i have BOTH of these ethnicities in me! / **REMEMBER!>>>