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YELLOWDOG GRANNY: it's the blues baby..other wise know as Monday

Picture from Peaceful Woman's rally in Virginia USA. Is this the response to a peaceful rally from our government? Do they need to shoot people who demonstrate peacefully?

A college balks at Hillary Clinton's fee, so books Chelsea for ...

A college balks at Hillary Clinton& fee, so books Chelsea for .

and this is just plain sickening...

Disturbing Facts For Women Of The World

THIS IS ISLAM: peaceful Islam Religion? 130 Million women have undergone female GENITAL mutilation. Disturbing Facts For Women Of The World. Stop Sharia Law and stop the US government from sending TAXPAYER money to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Bible says: If you don't work you don't eat and a man is worthy of his hire.

You are not entitled to what I have earned. YES, this is is so very true.~ RADICAL Rational Americans Defending Individual Choice And Liberty

Our marriage was once illegal too!

Make equality equal. Interracial marriage was once illegal, just as gay marriage is today.

Nothing says freedom like arresting a veteran who is standing up for voting rights.

Republican Blasts North Carolina 'Moron Monday' Protest As Dozens More Arrested

While GOP leaders holler 'carpetbaggers,' studies shows Moral Monday is mostly state residents. As one man put it, 'This is North Carolina standing up.


“The money required to eradicate hunger for everyone on the world has been estimated at 30 billion a year … about add much as the world spends on the military every eight days.” — no citation given but the point on military vs humanity stands.

The right religion?  There isn't one!  They are ALL based on Paganism.  Atheism is logic.

What makes you different?

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary. Billions of people through the whole history of mankind thought that their religion was the correct one. What makes you different from them?

Good on them, and God bless!

Christians arrested for praying BUT muslims can pray on the White House lawn or in the middle of streets in NY, but that's okay. Since when did it become a crime to be Christian in the USA? Since obama.

What About the (Trans) Menz?!

What About the (Trans) Menz?!

The most frustrating people to turn up when discussing feminism.

Nation of Sheep ~ Ran by Wolves - Owned by Pigs #UniteBlue

"Nation of sheep ruled by wolves, owned by pigs" Well when you put it that way. Animal farm did teach us something


If you think your God approves of spending millions on mega-churches while children starve all over the world. You Have Lost Your Fucking Mind.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson-The Greatest Danger to American Freedoms Is A Government That Ignores The Constitution.

Socialism = your freedom taken away. That is why people from Socialist countries move to America. How many Americans want to move to a Socialist or Communist country? Oops we are heading there now!