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YELLOWDOG GRANNY: it's the blues baby..other wise know as Monday

from Etsy

The things you take for granted someone else is praying for wood typography sign


It seems hard to find people that are not so "vested" in their own positions, that they are willing to consider others. If only, the desire was to always do the "right thing", whether or not it was in "our own individual interests". That is the answer.


Human Have No Idea

5 Things you would not do on a spaceship: 1. Disassemble it to generate more money 2. Exceed the capacity for passengers 3. Consume more food or water than you regenerate for the trip 4. Polute the ship beyond its ability to clean itself 5. Modify the environmental systems beyond recommended tolerances. Why is this so hard ?

Rewire your brain towards the positive.

Our guard instructor says at competitions " be safe, have a buddy, and be normal" guard girls and guys: " and what if you don't know how to be normal"