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I regularly read smut on the school bus, constantly paranoid the person behind me will try to read over my shoulder!

I never read smut, but I still blush furiously when I read fluff, don't understand it.<<<< Don't really read smut but Gosh fluff makes me blush and squeal like I literally get the biggest smile ever ! Like gosh damm it WHY!

Okay, it's not creepy, but some of these are just too good to pass by!

Last-minute Halloween costumes

You need: A deck of cards and a timer. How to play: Give each suit a sexy meaning: hearts mean kissing, diamonds represent a massage, clubs signify hands-on stimulation, and spades equal oral, says Cosmopolitan. The number on the card represents the number of seconds each sexy act should last. Take turns picking cards and teasing one another. Why: This exciting game of foreplay will make you move at a teasingly slow pace that will leave both of you ready for more. Variation: Make the moves…

26 Sex Games That Guarantee More Fun In Your Bedroom

Need to spice up your sex life? Try one of these sex games to make foreplay extra steamy.

That would be so cute then maybe a little kiss as the icing on the cake

Me: I.its ok *giggles* Newt: What? Me: Nothing. Me: Can you please get up? Newt: Sorry *gets up* Me: *Smiles*

The irony is that this person posted this on Whisper...a social media website/app

The irony is that this person posted this on Whisper.a social media website/app😂😂