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Prescription Drug Abuse Statistics By Sheena R. Harris

You can check to see if a doctor has taken kickbacks from big pharma companies in return for pushing certain drugs

Your doctor or nurse may have messed up your meds

Cuando la acción no está pasando por debajo del cinturón, los chicos son sorprendentemente reticentes a buscar ayuda: Sólo una cuarta parte de los hombres diagnosticados con disfunción eréctil (DE) en realidad buscan un tratamiento para el problema...

According to a study of Vermont doctors, best practice guidelines for prescribing antipsychotic medication to children are followed only half the time.

A new study shows Hashimoto’s patients with symptomless celiac disease (i.e., no digestive complaints) require 49 percent more T4 to achieve the same TSH levels as non-celiac Hashimoto’s patients. After the patients followed a gluten-free diet for 11 months their TSH levels came down with the same T4 requirement as the non-celiac Hashimoto’s patients. Gluten …

Fraud Rx: Medicare Makes Moves To Tighten Oversight Of Dirty Doctors

Long-term use of aspirin can significantly reduce the risk of developing major cancers, researchers say. (Thinkstock)

Here is some great information regarding how beneficial physical therapy can be!

New Cholesterol-lowering Drug Kills People