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Ángeles en piedra en el cementerio de Nottingham, victoriano con cuevas, y muchos niveles.

A multitude of Angels - Angels in Rock Cemetery, Nottingham, England. Its a Victorian cemetery with caves, and many levels

Guardian angel...May you always watch over us

Guardian Angel Number 333 and 444

"Angel Statue at sunset, melancholy" <-- original. Adding: "Angel statue at sunset, your last sunset.

♥   We are ALL...Someone's Angel -repinned by Long Beach, CA studio photographer http://LinneaLenkus.com  #photography

angel beautiful contemporary fashion photography art Amber Valletta in Bazaar, by Peter Lindbergh

The phoenix was one of God’s creations from the beginning.  Animals do not have resurrection power in themselves but they can be resurrected from death if God chooses—just like humans.  God has chosen to resurrect a phoenix bird to serve as a resurrection hope and inspiration for all of humanity everywhere

I feel like Angel {maximum ride} would end up being a ballet dancer. She would blow people away and use her wings to be even more graceful. It would be so amazing. Dang, ya'll don't know how much I wish Maximum Ride was a real life thing.


Guardian Angel statue that guards the Garden of Eden. Sculpted by Roman Stanczac. Located at the Brodno Sculpture park in Warsaw, Poland.