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The Warrior archetype is just as connected to the female psyche as to the male. Women have long been defenders of their families, and the Amazon tribe of Warrior Women has become legendary because of their ability to engage in fierce battle--even sacrificing part of their female physique to facilitate warfare. Loyalty to the family and tribe is among the Amazon's notable characteristics, along with nurturing their young and transmitting lessons of power and self-defense.- Carolyn Myss

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The Dahomey Amazons were a Fon all-female military regiment of the Kingdom of Dahomey. They were so named by Western observers and historian...

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Nome: Robert Mapplethorpe

Thomas, 1987

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Aristaeus: Greek God of Bee-Keeping, honey-mead, olive-growing, to name but a few of his talents.

Statue of Neptune fountain at the Piazza de la Signoria Florence, Italy

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Burt Lancaster was noted for his athletic physique, blue eyes and distinctive smile (which he called "The Grin".) Lancaster came to be regarded as one of the best motion picture actors in history. Nominated four times for Academy Awards, winning one for Elmer Gantry in 1960. In 1999 the American Film Institute named Lancaster 19th among the greatest male stars of all time.