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30 of the Most Beautiful Sci-Fi Book Covers Ever Made

Science fiction's job is to give us a map of where we're headed. From Jules Verne to William Gibson, sci-fi authors describe their visions of the future, and how people might live in it. We ask Intel's futurist for his list of favorite sci-fi books.

Vernor Vinge - A Fire Upon the Deep (1992) A human research team uses an old library to create a network and releases an evil power that can destroy the galaxy. After study to become a librarian at the University of Sjandra, Ravna wins a three year workstudy 20,000 light years away at the Relay archive, the network/archives hub of a million worlds.

The Geisel Library (yes, named for Dr. Seuss) at University of California, San Diego is definitely the coolest library of all time. It is also of science fiction fame in Vernor Vinge's Hugo-award winning novel, Rainbows End.