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Even if the light is on, there are some doors you should not knock on. Halloween candy may turn out to be more of a trick than a treat at those places.

Run your cursor over this one! Moon shinning in night sky, behind the tree.but look there is a window with light on, so wonder if someone is at home? Love this night scene!

Cutting down the forests to raise cattle for your burger will kill your childrens grandchildren. Do you even care???

Plant a tree. Plant a dozen trees. Plant as many trees as you can and let them grow. We need trees to live!

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Chianti Region Pictures, Images and Stock Photos

The main stairs and entrance way of the Royal Palace of Naples, Naples, Italy. The architecture is Italian Baroque, Neo-Classical.

La Dolce Vita #3: Who needs Versailles when… (part 1)

Italian Architecture - Marble Staircase Of The Palazzo Reale, Naples (built in

Casa Haus inglese: Amazing Castello in Sud Italia

a trullo house (pl: trulli) is a typical conical style in this region of Italy. villa rental in Apulia (Puglia), Italy, called Trullo Angelo.

Cancun, Mexico: Spent 5 days here w/an ex-BF in 2002. I scuba dived for the first time on this trip.

Cancun, Mexico – By far my favorite place to go on vacation with my family. I recently just went in December for the second time.

Sidewalk Dining in Rome Rome, Italy.  When eating in Rome, go to the "Mom & Pop" ristorante's.....they are the BEST!  Stay off the main streets....go into the alley's!!

Visit Italy and have an amazing Italian meal accompanied by amazing wine. Sidewalk Dining in Rome, Italy. America should have more of these quaint little outdoor cafe places.