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Vadim Voitekhovitch voitv deviantart ilustrações steampunk navios e naves

Thunderer: Iron-clad dirigible by Vadim Voitekhovitch, [Deviant Art]

The Coolest Airship Pictures You've Ever Seen

laljipota: “Outstanding steampunk oil paintings of Airships by German based artist Vadim Voitekhovitch.

Submarine steampunk

A Steampunk version of Jules Verne's Nautilus. The deck harpoon is loaded, for air or sea.

steampunk airship - Yahoo Image Search Results

steampunk airship - Yahoo Image Search Results

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Steampunk Treasure “STEAMPUNK = Mad Scientist Inventor [invention (steam x airship or metal man/baroque stylings) x (pseudo) Victorian setting] + progressive or reactionary politics x adventure plot.

New Painting by Vadim Voitekhovitch http://ur1.ca/i31ot

New Painting by Vadim Voitekhovitch steampunktendencies metal places things mount ship

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