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The charting of inequality deserves greater scrutiny -

The left-behind story survives the dissection of the ‘elephant’ curve, writes…

Imabari Shipbuilding will build the first new water testing tank in Japan for the past 40 years. Japan’s largest shipbuilder says the full test facility will be completed by March 2018. Measuring 212 m in length and 12 m wide, the giant testing laboratory will be used by Imabari to develop greener ship designs. Previously, …


Alberta Pitching Oil Pipeline to Alaska, Prentice Says

Alberta Pitching Oil Pipeline to Alaska, Prentice Says - Bloomberg Business


Keystone Be Darned: Canada Finds Oil Route Around Obama

Too funny to see this article (and Bloomberg) fold in on itself....even the Canadians dont want this crap...why do you think they have been so deterrmined to run it down here? OOOh wait...the asshats here that think they will get something out of it...

from Mail Online

World's largest car transporter arrives in UK after voyage from China

Hoegh Target, the world's biggest Pure Car and Truck Carrier (PCTC) which can carry 8,500 ...