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What do you think this is?  A counting system?  Musical notes?  A map?  They were found on a cave wall in Spain.

What do you think this is? A counting system? A map? They were found on a cave wall in Spain.

FREE MAPS~  This site has all kinds of map resources-- map outlines, map graphics, reading a map-- and so much more.  Fore example, you'll also find resources for teaching about economics, geography, and culture.  If you teach social studies, take a minut

Social Studies Online -TONS of maps, games, and more! via JS He is sooo not ready for this, but it is just a great looking site and I don't know if I will be able to find it myself later!

Making Cave Art with kids to learn about the stone age.

Cave Painting with Kids – Prehistoric Art

Cave Painting Art with Kids - history learning. For the dinosaur unit. I like the idea of teaching that it is possible dinosaurs and humans co-existed.

Great Lascaux art project - like the info & focus on accuracy.

a faithful attempt: Cave Art - offers a lot of references to caves around the world with examples of cave art

Stone Age Cave Dwellers - Cave painting craft

Stone Age Cave Dwellers I don't really dig History Odyssey's lessons for "The Move from Cave to Towns.

animaux à la  manière des peintures rupestres

This is just a simple cave painting coloring sheet. I would print it out and then have the kids color it and do a narration on the back side about what they learned about cave art at the end of the unit.

Bear in the Cave Game  ...love this idea for subtraction by elvira

Bear in the Cave Game ~idea for prepositions (in the cave, on the cave, beside the cave.or a math game (ex. you have 3 bears total and 1 is in front of the cave, how many are inside?

Fourth Grade History Activities: Make Cave Paintings

Make Cave Paintings

Stone Age: Activities: Make Cave Paintings For FA Final; have them create a cave painting, write a story for their painting, and have them act it out?