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B A R B I E DOLL GANG HOE Pinterest: @jussthatbitxh ✨ Download the app #MERCARI & use my code: UZNPKU to sign up, you can get free make up & other items

I had LOTS of those. I feel old. Lol. I even had a book full of paper doll clothes that I remember pressuring my mum to buy.

I had this as a little Girl..and then was able to buy it for my daughter...it was such a lovely Comic..with a Cut out doll every week too...

Poor, poor Redbeard--- Is THAT all you have to say? By the time this was all over I was still rolling on the floor in a pool of my own tears!

VINTAGE PEDIGREE SINDY DOLL HORSE BOXED. I wanted a horse and my Sindy wanted a horse, but neither of us got lucky.

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