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Sindy Doll, I would love to find one of these dolls for my daughters

i loved the cut out & dress doll at the back of Bunty magazine!

Annie Montgomerie's Textile Dolls: combines animal heads made from hardened shredded muslin with vintage doll bodies that are dressed with old clothes and accessories added.

I had this as a little Girl..and then was able to buy it for my was such a lovely Comic..with a Cut out doll every week too...

Vintage Tiny Tears Palitoy Doll 3/4 Eye 1970 s 1980 s 16 Dummy Dress Rare Box

One of my childhood favorites - Sindy doll the 1st one I got - I was thrilled she was a brunette like me !

Tiny Tears - I remember the excitement on Christmas morning when I unwrapped my tiny tears - she was my best friend for years

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