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The Photographic World of Drew Gardner: Zeiss Touit - Review and Mini Shoot Out

from Photoshop Training Channel

How To Adjust Facial Features In Photoshop

In this video tutorial, I'm going to show you how to adjust facial features in…

Day 5: Advanced Editing (Ohh, I used lightroom for awhile and couldn't make heads or tales of it, need to check this out)

from TechRadar

Group test: wide-angle prime lenses

Hyperfocal distances for common camera settings

from Knittering In Appalachia™

Ultimate List of Photography Tips, Tricks & Tutorials (for beginners!)

The HUGE List of Photography Tips, Tricks, Tutorials & Resources (for Beginners!) @ Knittering In Appalachia - Link Round-Up!

from PetaPixel

Leica's Strange New Concept Camera Isn't Sure What It's Trying to Be

Not even Leica is sure what the Leicina VC is. Is it a directors viewfinder? A call back to the Leicina Super 8 cameras of old? A gimbal? The answer seems

from Photoshop Training Channel

Ungroup Layers

You probably already know that if you have multiple layers selected and you…

from Photoshop Training Channel

Text Size Dialog Box

Instead of clicking-and-dragging with the Type tool to create a text box, you…

from It's Always Autumn

easy fix for dark or underexposed photos

Learn how to easily fix and save dark or underexposed photos with this step by step tutorial using the histogram. Simple photo editing