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Plum Pudding | Recipe with a History

Plum Pudding

Before there were bûche de Noel, gingerbread houses, or a plate of milk and cookies, there was the grande dame of classic Christmas desserts—plum pudding.

Get motivated in October to make your Christmas pudding to have it mature in time for Christmas

Christmas pudding

BBC - Food - Recipes : Christmas pudding - this looks great! Classic recipes never run out of time.

Gingerbread Christmas Pudding with Orange Hard Sauce

Gingerbread Christmas Pudding with Orange Hard Sauce

Gingerbread Christmas pudding with orange hard sauce from Bon Appétit Magazine - Eat Your Books is an indexing website that helps you find & organize your recipes. Click the "View Complete Recipe" link for the original recipe.

Boozy gluten-free Christmas pudding on Tanya's food blog. www.tanyazouev.com www.thecookwhoknewnothing.com

christmas-pudding-gluten-free_tanya-zouev a very boozy christmas pudding that is gluten free and looks as close to my family recipe in fruit content and cooking time.

"You won't find any plums in plum (aka figgy) pudding, but this dense steamed cake does contain currants, raisins, nuts, and sometimes even beef suet. In England, where the dish originated as early as the 14th century, each member of the household takes a turn stirring the pudding while making a wish. And small silver charms baked into the pudding -- such as a coin for wealth or an anchor for safe harbor -- are symbols of good wishes." Christmas and Hanukkah Traditions and Their Origins

Christmas and Hanukkah Traditions and Their Origins

Bring new meaning to your Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations by learning about the origins and symbolism behind these familiar holiday traditions.

Recipe for traditional Irish Christmas Pudding.

According to lensmaster Christmas wouldnt be Christmas without a Plum Pudding for Christmas dessert! If you agree, stop by Traditional Irish Plum Pudding Recipe today to get recipe and to learn about the tradition behind this grand dessert.

Figgy Pudding! Recipe and serving tips. You can soak it with brandy and set it aflame before serving!!!

Now, You Can Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding

For a dramatic presentation, you can serve the Christmas pudding aflame. Don't forget to hide a figurine!

How to steam a Christmas or plum pudding in a crockpot.

The versatile American crockpot truly is a wonderful cooking appliance, perfect for steaming a traditional Irish Christmas pudding.

Old-Fashioned Holiday Plum Pudding / http://ourheritageofhealth.com/old-fashioned-plum-pudding/

Old-Fashioned Plum Pudding

Old-Fashioned Holiday Plum Pudding. This has instructions for a non-alcoholic option. I have always wanted to taste a traditional plum pudding.

Christmas Pudding

The Chew's Christmas Pudding From the new book, "A Year in the Life of Downtown Abbey," nothing says Christmas quite like a classic pudding -- treat yourself to a slice of the holidays with this delicious treat!

A lavish Christmas dinner is well complemented by the sweet desserts adorning your dinner table. The feasting bonanza of the yuletide is more about the traditions than taste. As such, puddings are an integral part of any Christmas feast. There are many scrumptious recipes that you can try this...

40 Delicious Pudding Recipes For The Christmas

Plum Pudding with Supreme Sauce - Plum pudding, sometimes called 'plum duff', is a steamed pudding traditionally served in England on Christmas day. This version accompanies the pudding with a sweet and creamy supreme sauce rather than the more traditional 'hard' sauce made with brandy or bourbon.

Plum pudding, sometimes called 'plum duff', is a steamed pudding traditionally served in England on Christmas day.