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View of Canrobert's Hill from Kadikoi - Russians captured this at beginning of the battle and held it.

The village of Kadikoi which is to our right off the photo. Canrobert's hill is off to the right. On Sapun Gor ridge we see the white building which is the museum for World War II. It is located close to where Lord Raglan and staff were located during the Battle of Balaklava. The Causeway height is not much of a height but extends along the low ridgeline on the right half of the photo. The Heavy Brigade engaged the Russian cavalry in the green space just in from the right edge of the…

A closer view of Canrobert's hill from the east - the direction from which the Russians attacked - a corner of the Kadikoi - Balaklava area is visible to the left and part of the Sapun gor ridge is visible to the right.

The view from the museum on the Sapun Gor ridge down the north valley where the Light Brigade charged. One can appreciate in this view the steepness of the ridge and what horsemanship was required of Capt Nolan to ride straight down to send Lord Raglan's message to Lord Lucan. The Causeway height is on the right but from this elevation one can hardly discern that it is a 'height' at all. In the distant haze Canrobert's hill is barely visible between the Causeway and the mountains on the…

Early morning view from Kadikoi area northeast to Canrobert's hill which the Russians captured at the opening of the day.

View from east of Canrobert's hill with the hill in left foreground and theSapun Gor ridge in horizon with Raglan's OP where the modern museum is located - the Causway height is in the center between the south (on left) and north (on right) vallies, but one can see that the 'height' is barely a low ridge.

Canrobert hill on the left. The Russians attacked from where we are standing early in the morning to open the battle. Sapun Gor ridge on which the British camps were located is on the horizon. Lord Raglan observed the battle from a location near the white museum. Part of Causeway height can be seen just to the right of the large green bush on the right edge of the photo. Pieces of uniform and ammunition can still be picked up in these fields and vineyards.

Here is a view of Canrobert's hill and the Sapun Gor and Causeway heights from further east - the direction from which the initial Russian advance came.

From the northeast end of the Causeway heights Canrobert's hill appears as the ridge in the distance on the right side of the photo.

Another view of Canrobert's hill with more of Sapun gor ridge visible