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1864 cdv of large black dog lying in photographer's studio. Photo by A.H. Locke, 16 Main St., Plymouth, Mass. On verso: green 3-cent green tax stamp. Also, written in pencil: Buried in (name not legible) garden. Apr. 28, 1869 — 14 years old. From bendale collection

April 1865 tintype of dog named Jip. Name of dog is written in ink on bottom front of paper sleeve. Photo by T.R. Burnham, 247 and 113 Washington St., Boston. Two-cent tax stamp on back with photographer's initials and "Apr." Verso reads: New style card ferreotypes, made cheap and finished in 10 minutes, only by T. R. Burnham. From bendale collection

1861 cdv of Bruno, a very noble-looking dog. Dog's name and year written in pencil on front of card. No photographer's identification. From bendale collection

c.1900 cdv of dog sitting in chair. Dog's name on verso, written in ink-dipped pen: Linne. Photo by Bruno Urban, Ladenburg, Germany. From bendale collection

c.1870 cdv of beautiful whippet sitting patiently for his portrait to be taken. Photo by Simon Towle, 88 Merrimack St., Lowell, Mass. From bendale collection

c.1880 cdv of panting dog lying in photographer's studio. His blurred head makes him look very much alive. On verso written: This is Son, dog I had when a child. Photo by M.M. & W.H. Gardner, 13 Marietta Street, Atlanta, Ga. From bendale collection

c.1900s cabinet card of gorgeous collie looking over her shoulder. Her name, Julia, is written in pencil on verso. From bendale collection

c.1880 cdv of little white dog (terrier) with brown ears — and a huge bow — sitting on a rustic table. Photographer's name is very faint on the back, but I think it says McKay Co., Artistic Photographer, Boston, Mass. From bendale collection