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Courtney Ann. Taphophile. I love old things The old sun, the old moon, the old earth’s face I love old books frayed from the searching of truth-hungry fingers Old things tell me of the past But I know I must move on They hold a place within my...

So don't think that I'm pushing you away, when you're the one that I've kept closest | by Anna Inghardt

Monet’s “Water Lilies” (Museum of Modern Art, New York)... Bryce, anything worth seeing is something worth seeing for yourself (and not just for the sake of "art" that most people can't adequately describe and don't seem to really understand anyway)...

The morning after the announcement is made. Everyone is hushed. Even large groups are silent. Weighed down by the fog and the news of the murder.

Photo (Still, That Kind of Woman)

"most men live lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with their song still in them." -thoreau

Here lies the collection of the WebVioce Facebook Fan Page s Days of the Week Pics. The written messages may be from WebVoice, but each of these amazing photos came from various South African and Namibian Photographers and Artists.