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More true than ever. Some girls need a huge reality check. Just because you're pretty and people follow you doesn't mean you have the right to be a huge bitch to people. This is a online site for old ladies for god sake and you're acting like you're top shit. Out of this site no one knows you. So instead of being so RUDE to everyone with an opinion or an idea take the follower "fame" you have and use it for good! A pretty face doesn't mean a pretty heart.. -Makenna x

She's just like us: The 34-year-old reality star doffed her chic booties and walked barefoot through the metal detector during security check point at LAX

Bucket List... Maybe not move but live there for a period of time. Like a month or two

*Lysander first fell in love with Lily Luna when he was 11 and a beam of light from the anti-nargle window charm danced across her face and lit up her eyes with a ray of colors

I like Dan Cretu - Romanian photographer and visual artist - ’s take on food. While we see it just as food, he sees a little bit more.

You know we was good you know we had fun you know we was amazing not all the time but we was. We both loved each other alot. Yes we had bad days who doesn't when they start something new with the amount of stress going around wasn't going to help I said give it time things will sort out. You know deep down I'm not what your making me out to be so why be like that. After everything because you know I'm not otherwise you would have left a long time ago. drink and arguments don't mix it's…

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