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story time: so when I was little, I would literally torture my Barbie dolls,like,I would make all of them hate each other and they would basically murder each other...once I had this Ariel Barbie and i made Belle hate her, so Belle took Ariel, and hung her above the ground by the tail, while smacking her repeatedly. Another time I did this thing where Ken cheated on Barbie, and Barbie pushed the girl that Ken was cheating with down two flights of states, then she stepped on her face and she…

The Dead pit// i hated barbies, i would cut their hair and drown them when i had baths. I also broke their arms and legs, i think i had a wonderful childhood

#PLL 6x02 "Songs of Innocence" - Spencer and Emily

Season 6 Episode The Game This was so hard to watch then be so mad and sad thinking there hurting one another.

Anamaria Androne, the founder & craft artist at the online shop & blog Merique Crochet. Using her talented crochet skills plus wild imagination, she made a series of cute Game of Throne characters, and two amazing legends: David Jones and Alan Rickman. see her more works: meriquecrochet.com Another guy called Geeky Hooker, crochet some super cute superheroes, those …

Most People Like Crocheting Scarf, These Guys Crochet Something Different

I always did murder mysteries, and whenever the murderer was revealed I would put her in "jail" (which was the freezer).

I always did murder mysteries, and whenever the murderer was revealed I would put her in "jail" (which was the freezer).<<<I would always do something close to the first comment, having some kind of drama going on

Wood Fort/Doll Houses for Kids, for open-end play. Possible to remodel/rebuilt your house/fort, so it keeps changing. Fun for boys and girls!  Add dolls, fairies, knights, dino's and even fabrics, leafs, stones, or any other nature treasure... For year and years of playtime!

Wood dollhouses are some of the best loved toys anywhere. Wooden toys have been with us for centuries, but dollhouses seem to hold a special spot.