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"Do you believe in violence? Do you believe in theft? Do you believe in force or coercion? Did you answer "No" to these questions? You are a voluntaryist!"

Two Things Every American Should Know How to Use T-Shirt

Sadly this is true... Proud Gun owner & Proud follower of Christ! I want one of these T- shirts!

Report: Three White House Officials Attending Mike Brown Funeral - While No White House Officials Attended General Harold Greene's...

Crazy Truth on

Liberals are no longer considered stupid! After 6 years the commies are in ADVANCED stages of stupid! #ccot #pjnet

Radical Muslim Villages In US Arm Up, Leader Challenges Trump With 4 Words

There is a crazy Islamist organization headquartered in New York with over 22 secret Muslim compounds across the US, and their radicalized leader, Sheik Gilani, has just ordered them to "arm up" and stockpile weapons. If this wasn't shocking enough, we now learn that Sheik Gilani just challenged Donald Trump and all Americans with four words that will make your blood boil.