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No more tears

Microwaves are not only for heating up last night's dinner. Here are several tricks we can use with this common kitchen appliance.

these gorgeous green kitchen accessories are simply perfect... #green #homewares #kitchenware

these gorgeous green kitchen accessories are simply perfect. Have a teapot in this color, but need those goblets!

Everyone loves bacon, but...

Picnic pants, bacon frosting and misfortune cookies: Revealed, the most bizarre items for sale on the internet

Pinning Le Creuset & buying the Sainsburys rip off versions! #stayclassy

turquoise cookware from Le Crueset Kalmar Bodner Lowman would love these!my turquoise Paula Deen cookware but I think it's about time for a color change and reprint the kitchen! So here's to ideas!

Smeg Stripey Fridge

style Refrigerator with ice compartment, Colour stripe, Right hand hinge Energy efficiency class A+

Kitchen is the one place that can bring family together to prepare the foods, so it is natural for a lot of stuff to accumulate there. But would you agree that keeping your clutter-free kitchen needs a bit more hard work, especially the counter-top? Piles of papers, books, utensils, cookware and several small appliances…there are […]

Top 21 Awesome Ideas To Clutter-Free Kitchen Countertops

Serve the Cake Friday-Tip of the Day Cake Stand Storage Store kitchen essentials the classy way: On a cake stand!