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First go at painting canvas shoes - besides the space needle being a little crooked, I'm SUPER jazzed about how they came out!

Tweaking the shelves again for no other reason than my immense dislike for folding laundry. I'm secretly hoping it will magically fold itself ps. I just noticed the painting is crooked, but I'll blame it on the angle of the photo

DIY Artwork! I'm sure we've all seen one's similar to this float around. Get a small piece of wood from any hardware store (I painted mine a bit), hammer some nails in to make a design and weave some string between the nails to finish it off! (mine turn out to be a little crooked...)

Crooked House - NEW! Crooked Furniture. 6' tall, 4' wide, it is hand-built and hand-painted by Maine craftsmen. In 7 different colors!

flooring experiment via wwvalleygirl on IG. "it's plywood. It's an experiment. And it's cheap. Newt cut a sheet of plywood into 8" planks, nail gunning the heck out of it to the subfloor. I'm going to paint it, distress it, varnish it. We'll live with it for a bit, see how it does."