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Визуальная поэзия. Материалы к спецкурсу по анализу поэтического текста

That would have been the day I took you home. That day I let love and joy into my life and we shared so many wonderful years together!

Random Inspiration #22

I lost a part of me today. A part of the ident you've built over the last 21 years. Getting lost is not a waste of time. I need to feel this, I want to know that I am not lost. I just need to find the new part of me!

Have more than you show and speak less than you know. Humility doesn't mean you need to put yourself down or lack confidence. It means putting yourself last and not feel long the need to outdo someone else.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

These words resonate with me so deeply. Poetry to me cannot emerge from me without deep feeling and emotion. Either deep pain, hurt, loss, anger, frustration etc...or deep happiness, joy, love, tenderness. Either way it must be deep, honest and so powerful inside me that it just flows out and always people are hidden in my poetry. - Heidi Suydam, Simply Our Society