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Dark elbows and knees are unsightly! Make your own whitening paste by mixing turmeric, milk and honey. Leave it on for 20 minutes. Then wet your hands and rub the area for at least 2 minutes then wash it all off with water. Turmeric and honey have antiseptic properties while milk acts as a bleach. Honey will also help moisturize the dry skin.

All-Natural DIY Sugar Lip Scrub with Honey

Takes the dead skin right off. All you need is shaving cream and Listerine. Great to know for flip-flop season, awesome for cracked heels in winter

11 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism All Day Long

PERMANENT FACIAL HAIR REMOVAL AT HOME WITH TURMERIC Mix the turmeric powder with water to make a thin paste. Apply this paste over your face before going to bed at night. Wash off in the morning with soap and clean water ( It would wash off without any stain or residue). By following this procedure daily, your facial hairs will fall out completely. Another benefit is they will never grow back in your life again :) :). This one also clears our scars and pigmentation to give you a healthy even…

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