Indoor fountains - Pin it :-) Follow us, CLICK IMAGE TWICE for Pricing and Info . SEE A LARGER SELECTION of indoor fountains at - gift ideas , home decor - Homedics WFL-ART Artesian Globe Tabletop Fountain tabletop fountain will bring a meditative mood to any room in your home! As water bubbles up from the lotus in the Buddha's hands, it is softly illuminated for a beautiful effect. Create a stress-free environment in your home with this fountain!

Only $22.04 on Amazon, but I wonder if the students would have to go to the washroom more often if this was in our classroom?

Hand Blown Glass Art Purple Pumpkin Oneil 3208 by oneilsarts, $55.00 I have the orange and brown one.

This Ore International indoor meditation fountain is perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere. This indoor fountain features a green earth-tone color, an LED light and glittering crystal.

Faux fireplace for the living room. We would mount the TV over the fireplace and place the speakers and Roku player on the mantle.

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