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Thank you, kid.

Kids React to Game Boys. Oh I wanted to kill them all when I watched this. Except for the last kid. I like that kid" vandewettering seriously? Kill kids/ mad at kids cause they dont understand game boys? Somethings wrong with yiu lol!

Reasons My Son Is Crying…glad my kid isnt the only one to throw fits for the craziest reasons!

Funny pictures about This Is Why My Son Is Crying. Oh, and cool pics about This Is Why My Son Is Crying. Also, This Is Why My Son Is Crying photos.

Dating Fails: The Best Marriage Counselors Are In Primary School  THE LAST ONE XD

The Best Marriage Counselors Are In Primary School

How do you decide who to marry? Kids say the darndest things. And I maintain that trucks can look very pretty.

He looks better with makeup than I do! That's awesome! You could totally mentally fuck with people. Am I a guy? Or a girl? Few may never know...

Is this a girl or a guy because if it's a girl WHOA, if it's a guy…WHOA>>how is it that a boy can do makeup better than me.

My childhood... ruined,.....

For the longest time I thought shoes on a telephone wire was just people getting rid of their old shoes in a cool way. No it means that someone sells drugs nearby. My life is a lie. I wonder if this is true

Mostly if he is hot. If he is average then my reaction is a little less dramatic

That face…

Finding out a guy likes you is like when Anne Hathaway found out she way the princess of Genovia: Me? A Princess?… Shut Up! # Real life: (Guy's Name) He Likes Me? Shut Up! Oh, Wow, This Is So Crazy.

Volleyball - Meme Picture | Webfail - Fail Pictures and Fail Videos

Volleyball - Meme Picture

My kids were volleyball pros and they never knew it! (Volleyball is just a really intense version of "don't let the balloon touch the floor")