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17 Adorable Animals Who Are Probably Plotting To Kill You…

Do you remember the evil, plotting Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, famous for his maniacal one liner of “Excellent…“? That’s exactly who these animal (who are plotting your demise as we speak) remind me of. They may not mean to expose their true intentions with their insidious expressions, but alas…they don’t have the best poker faces, and it may end up foiling their nefarious plans.

The Shoebill Stork is one of the worlds more endangered species and is actually considered one of the worlds ugliest animals next to the Wildebeest. People have clearly never delved deeply enough into the species of the sea to think this bird one of the ugliest animals on earth.

Shoebill, a large stork-like bird native to Africa. This bird is Threatened, with less than 10,000 birds left in the wild. The main threats are habitat loss and hunting.

Shoebill also known as Whalehead or Shoe-billed Stork, is a very large stork-like bird. It derives its name from its massive shoe-shaped bill. It lives in eastern Africa. It is so strange looking! It looks like a Muppet! It can grow to almost 5 FEET tall!