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from koshersamurai

Awe-Inspiring Trees (2): Ashdown Forest

Ashdown Forest, West Sussex, England Sometimes, it is not just one single tree that catches my attention. Every once in awhile, a forest captures my imagination. When I first saw this photo, I was ...

Kurrajong Tree ( Brachychiton populneum ) - can see this being incorporated into one of my pieces itvnf.......

"Lichens on a dead twig in my yard in Austin. We have had a lot of rain and the lichen fruiting bodies have sprouted." By Jim McCulloch

I choose this piece of work as I found this texture to be very original and inspiring. I think that when I'm going to producing my model I can use this patterns as it moght plays with light and shadow very nicely, as well as the shadow can be very relaxing for people coming over.

from Photo Cascadia Blog

Photographing Mushrooms

Senoritas Dress yellow mushroom. The rim of the mushroom is very intricate and almost like the ruffles in the bottom of a dress. Can see this shape being featured in a design quite comfortably