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Akryylikuutiot, pleksikuutiot, somistuskuutiot Masterplastin tuotannossa.

Lucite Desk / Cosmetic table - Fully clear "Ghost" table with hinge top for internal storage.. $550.00, via Etsy.

High quality Perspex or acrylic is available in two basic types: extruded and cell cast. Extruded acrylic or commonly referred to as “continuous cast” acrylic is softer compared to cell cast acrylic. In addition to that it also scratches easily and may contain impurities.

DAVID SPRIGGS ~ "4 Colour Separation" (2012) spatial image sculptures (installation); 36 x 36 x 12 inches each unit | Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, or Black acrylic, transparent film, display case, springs, eyelets, steel rod, lighting. Suspended in a cross formation are four illuminated plexi vessels, each containing a nebulous cube of one of the four subtractive primaries used in the CMYK process. davidspriggs.com

BOXED BAR STAND by Shahrooz shahrooz-art.com - #AcrylicFurniture, #LuciteFurniture ACRYLICORE by Shahrooz is one of the top-leading designers and manufacturers in Fine Clear Acrylic Furniture and #Sculptures in the country. www.shahrooz-art.com 888-406-4846

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