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Age of Ultron

The Avengers: Age of Ultron - Promotional art. The image measures 1788 * 1998 pixels and was added on 8 March

#BetaajudaBeta #MissaoBetaLab Galera por favor, me ajudem com repins.

knew most of these already yet Spider-Man isn't in the friggin movies until Captain America Civil War. Which isn't actually an "Avenger" thing. I'm gonna keep complaining, deal with it.

All Things Marvel and DC - Fact Dump #lol #haha #funny

All Things Marvel and DC - Fact Dump Ok the one about superman punching death in the face was pretty cool lol!

What r u guys thinking!!!?? Posting Spidermans weakness on the Internet!!!!????? HAVE U NO SHAME????!!!!!!

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...hehe, I'm not the only one, I mean, bad batman!!!! -gives batman a thumbs up- XD

The new Batman Lego game is out in a few days and i'm surprisingly super excited. Leggo my Lego


Superhero facts

Superhero Facts: Part 1

Superhero Facts: Part 1

Superheroes love reading, too!    Check out the Moore County Library's catalog for kids:

" Avengers cover " by Merida, Mexico-based Jorge Molina Manzanero "So, this is my first Marvel cover ever.