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Is an insult an insult if it's true?

This describes me perfectly tonight. I wish I could spend my Friday night with someone who actually wants to spend time with me, doing something fun, instead of sitting here on Pinterest alone.

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There Is Something About Being Uncomfortable

Get out of your comfort zone! We all have a THRESHOLD, and you've got to reach outside it to make amazing things happen. It means being uncomfortable, but it also leads to transformation.

That is scary. Soul mates with Moriarty, I don't know if I like or if I'm afraid.

If you really think this about the man you're going to marry then you probably shouldn't get married

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Top 30 BestFriend Quotes and Friendship Pictures

I'm so sorry Jordan... Iloveyou and I will always be here

Fancy ways to say no.
from Lou Lou Girls

H.E. Double Hockey Sticks…NO! Learning to use that little gem of a word

Fancy ways to say no.


This is the most relevant accurate thing I’ve ever seen…

I don't like being alone quite that much, but I do value my alone time. I do, however, dislike being lonely.