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Hidden in the Stars: Quilts of Love Series by Robin Caroll http://www.amazon.com/dp/1426773609/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_ovsuub1RFRDCM

Hidden in the Stars by Robin Caroll Copyright 2014 Abingdon Press ISBN: 9781426773600 The Story: A quilt holds the secret to a killer s.

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"I believe there is another man inside every man, a stranger ." writes Wilfred Leland James in the early pages of the riveting confession that makes up the first in this pitch-black… read more at Kobo.

Someone Knows my Name by Lawrence Hill  This should be mandatory reading for high school and above.  Follows an 11 year girl from her abduction in Africa, to her time as a slave, to her eventual freedom.  A glimpse into that horrific regrettable time in our country's history.

Someone Knows My Name: A Novel: Lawrence Hill: One of the best historical fiction books, I have read.

Mudbound: Told in 6 different characters' perspectives. Historical fiction you won't be able to put down!

It is and city-bred Laura McAllan is trying to raise her children on her husband's Mississippi Delta farm—a place she finds foreign and frightening. Told in 6 different characters' perspectives.

1920 apricot orchard in Wenatchee! the story is oddly compelling

1920 apricot orchard in Wenatchee! the story is oddly compelling

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If I Gained The World by Linda Nichols ebook deal

If I Gained the World (The Second Chances Collection Book ebook by Linda Nichols - Rakuten Kobo

Not Without Laughter by Langston Hughes  A shining star of the Harlem Renaissance movement, Langston Hughes is one of modern literature's most revered African-American authors. Although best known for his poetry, Hughes produced in Not Without Laughter a powerful and pioneering classic novel.This stirring coming-of-age tale unfolds in 1930s rural Kansas. A poignant portrait of African-American family life in the early twentieth century, it follows... #classiclit #doverthrift ...

Not Without Laughter