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I'm a 90's kid and I was obsessed with "Little Green Men" so this speaks to me.

from BuzzFeed

17 Ways To Quietly Rock Closet Cosplay

Pearl would definitely wear this pearl.<<<that's like a human wearing a mini human

All that plot and character and music and tenseness in the latest ep, and of course what I get out of it drawing-wise is “man wouldn’t it be hilarious if Pearl and Peridot accidentally shined their gem-flashlights into each others’ eyes”

What does the Doctor say? @bmm7693 I'm not familiar with this show but this is hilarious!

stevenuniverse, steven, connie, lapis, welp

stevenuniverse, jenny, sourcream, buck, coolkids

stevenuniverse, jenny, sourcream, buck, coolkids

Chloe P, Ayyyyy new Amethyst! got there eventually XD I...

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at