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You Know ‘Ladies Of London’ Meet The Husbands

By now, fans are familiar with the Ladies of London, but what about the gentlemen? Some of the husbands have been seen several times, and some seem to prefer the background, but they are still .

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24 health 'facts' that are actually wrong

A restaurant in the middle of London’s SOHO, popular with stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Katy Perry, now has something else that makes it stand out — crotch-height peep holes in the stall .

What Is It About ‘Ladies Of London’ Juliet Angus That Annoys Fans?

Ladies of London fans are a loyal, rabid bunch, but Juliet Angus is making it difficult embrace her. In the three episodes this year, she has now had conflict with Marissa Hermer, Caroline and Sophie .

‘Ladies Of London’ Buzz: Is The Show Canceled As Caroline Stanbury Moves To Dubai?

After two seasons of Ladies of London, loyal fans are devastated to hear that the show might be falling apart. The Queen Bee of Ladies of London, Caroline Stanbury, has sold her house and is in the .

Bigger Problems For The ‘Ladies Of London’ [Spoilers]

On ‘Ladies Of London’ The Americans Are Moving Ahead With Businesses

Though they perhaps started out as strangers in a strange land, both Ladies of London Marissa Hermer and Julie Montagu are taking the bull by the horns and launching their own business enterprises in .

‘Ladies Of London’ Montagu’s Mapperton Estate Featured In New Movie

‘Ladies Of London’ Montagu’s Mapperton Estate Featured In New Movie

EXCLUSIVE! Marissa Hermer Dishes On Ladies Of London Season 2! Is There A New Queen Bee In Town?

'Ladies Of London' & 'Downton Abbey' Have A Ton In Common & Their Casts Match Up Perfectly