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Migraine Dangers

Migraines Linked to Brain Lesions, White Matter Damage

Scientists discover drug that could combat migraines. Researchers have discovered a new compound that could potentially treat migraines by blocking light sensors in the eyes, according to a study published in the journal Nature Chemical Biology.

Dr Oz Headache Prevention: Migraines, Tension Headaches & Dehydration

Dr Oz shared approaches to natural headache prevention that could help avoid common types of headaches, including tension headaches, migraines, and more.

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Dr Oz Headache Relief: Cluster Headache Symptoms & Migraine Remedies (eww I get all 3 types)


List of Prescription Migraine Medicine

This article is a summary of the available prescription medications used to treat migraine headache. Both preventative and acute treatments are discussed.

Flower Remedies For Migraine Guess I'm gonna have to plant me some of these flowers!!

Research has shown that habits such as too much or too little sleep and extreme exercise can trigger migraines, and the thinking has been that your best bet for managing migraines is to know your t…

Six effective ways to treat weather-related migraines - Newark health | Examiner.com

Six effective ways to treat weather-related migraines - Newark health | Examiner.com

Prevent Migraines With Magnesium | POPSUGAR Fitness

Prevent Migraines With Magnesium

Prevent Migraines With Magnesium. The neurologist said this should help me combined with migraine abortive & preventative medications. Hope it helps.