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go home squirrel, you're drunk

Yes you did

'I've Made a Huge Mistake' Oops, the squirrel just got stuck in the bird feeder

Baby squirrels kissing

Tiny Adorable Animals That Will Make You Squee


Pictures of animals in snow. Pictures of animals in snow. Funny pictures of animals in snow. Pictures of animals playing in the snow.

baby squirrel

Funny pictures about Baby squirrels sleeping. Oh, and cool pics about Baby squirrels sleeping. Also, Baby squirrels sleeping photos.

"Nuts? What nuts? I don't have any nuts..."

Person: Were are my nuts! Chipmunk: Don't look at me! *a nut falls* Where did THAT come from! Chipmunk: *Points at random thing* Whats that! Chipmunk: *scampers away* Hehehe!

Quem deseja ver o arco-íris, precisa aprender a gostar da chuva.  Paulo Coelho

Chipmunk uses flower as umbrella. Belts out: "Singing in the rain. I'm sunging on the rain.

Squirrel and a Chickadee! sharing?

sharing with a friend :).the squirrel and bird are sharing a piece of bread. So cute.

Super Squirrel...can leap trees in a single bound, beat dogs to the fence and raid more bird feeders than ever thought possible!

What Do Squirrels Like to Eat?

Give the squirrel a name and make up an interesting story about him/her. If you were writing a story about an animal super hero, what animal would it be and what would be his super power or powers. Tell a story about your animal super hero.