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I have an Economics project due. I LITERALLY just spent the last few hours doing this.bahahahhahahaha <<< it's Friday so I'll do it tomorrow

Spiders are the enemy and must be slaughtered at all costs

I am a run away screaming at someone else in the room to destroy the spider type of person

I do this all the time!!

Other people feel this way too? I usually just cram into my purse and fix it later because I am an awkward human being. < same I just stuff it in the first pocket/bag I see the wonder why I find random bills and coins everywhere.

Math more like no

Funny pictures about These People are Too Cool For School. Oh, and cool pics about These People are Too Cool For School. Also, These People are Too Cool For School photos.

Literally laughed out loud. XD I don't know what I was expecting but that highly exceeded my expectations.

That's like my brother.  He only ever said mama and dada until one day- while being babysat- he said "I want my mother."

This reminds me of Charles Wallace from A Wrinkle in Time <<< True haha. Also, I had a headcanon where BBC Sherlock chose not to talk until he was like three or four and then he talked in full sentences.

Happened the other day, actually.

Found on

Funny story: I was actually outside one time cleaning our pool and i heard a bang. To sum it up, i freaked out and never learned if it was a gunshot or a firecracker. but being in the south i have to see that it was probably a gunshot in a small city .

I should try that i keep getting mistaking for other people with the same name as me

Heck I'd murder everyone in the school who I don't like just to become the alpha