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Pink Pearl Bracelet with Memory Wire, Light Pink and Brown Bracelet, Fun and Sleek Pearl Bracelet

Glass pearls and brown beads make for a soft and sensuous bracelet! Pink Pearl Bracelet with Memory Wire by RococoRiche on Etsy, handmade jewelry available on Etsy!

Mermaid Lovely Bracelet in Memory Wire

An #Orchard #Visit - #Gemstones in #Fall #Colors This #set was inspired by a trip to go #apple #picking. The light and dark green of the #prehnite and #fancyjasper reminded me of the leaves on the trees. The deep red cat's eye and red of the fancy jasper reminded me of the apples waiting to be plucked. The focal on the bracelet #rosequartz reminded me of the inside of a rome apple. #handmade jewelry #ArtsParadis

Blue and Silver Necklace, Winter Necklace with Glass Beads, Memory Wire

Become a princess of winter with this cool necklace made with memory wire and icy blue beads. This necklace holds its shape for a nice fit across the collarbone. Hook and loop clasp. Blue and Silver Necklace Winter Necklace with Glass by RococoRiche, handmade jewelry available on Etsy!

Riverstone & Amazonite Bracelet with Copper

Stacking wrap bracelets - sterling silver, 22k gold, Swarovski crystal, many gemstones. 267 combinations! ArtsParadis

Graduated Beads Bracelet with Memory Wire, Green and Red Bracelet, Funky and Chunky Red and Green Bracelet

Red and green beads from small to large make for a fun holiday piece in "Oh! Christmas"! The beads are a combination of natural stone and various other beads. Small to Large Beaded Christmas Bracelet with by RococoRiche, handmade jewelry available on Etsy!

Amethyst, Pink and Green Luster Czech Glass Memory Wire Bracelet - Handmade Jewelry

Bracelets to Make Curved Tube Tutoriaks | Wire Bracelet with Brown Glass Pearls and Antique Brass Curved Tube ...

Silver Charm Bracelet featuring Jewel Tones with Czech Glass, Swarovski Crystal, and Faceted Glass Beads

Jewel Tones Silver Bracelet, Silver Charm Bracelet with Crystals, Swarovski Charm Bracelet on Etsy, $38.00