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from Etsy

Tag, Gift Tag, Sewn Gift Tag, Fabric Tag, Flower Tag, Flower Gift Tag, Appliqued Gift Tags, Flower Vase Tag, Set of 3, No. 63

tags. I know they are supposed to be gift tags but they would make cute book markers. I could use these to mark places in quilt books and magazines.

"So Clint loves it, I bet Tony is kinda creeped out because he's done some weird crap in the past and now it's, well, in a scrapbook. Thor just LOVES it and smiles and thanks her all cute. Bruce is kind of like "uh... Thanks?" But doesn't really know what to do with it. Steve blushes and thanks her and is a little weirded out but genuinely loves it, partly because she stuck a page of recent CCTV footage of Bucky in the back to help his search."

from Mum In The Madhouse

How to make a Smash book (scrapbook) for kids – a step by step guide

How to make a smash book with kids - a step by step guide. A smash book has no rules, it celebrates messy and is an ace way to get children journalling over the summer