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Personally, I liked this picture because Native Americans held animal totems and spirituality so highly. I believe this is reflected in this artwork.

from Abduzeedo

Surface Design Inspiration

Acoma Pueblo pottery, Southwest Indian pottery, Native American Pottery

American Indian pottery is very popular among collectors of southwest and western pottery. Each piece of Indian pottery is handcrafted to make a unique piece of southwestern art. Horse hair pottery made by the Navajo Indians is a popular style, but getting harder to find. The wedding vase is also a very significant piece because of what it represents.

Cherokee Indian Warrior from Oklahoma, Wes Studi, was also a famous actor.

New Mexico Acoma pottery, with its recognizable monochrome and polychrome designs, is some of the most beautiful Native American pottery available--doodling with a purpose

Folk Art. Decorations displaying exclusively rotational symmetry often occur in folk arts. Old Native American pottery has decorations with a wealth of rotational-only symmetry.

Impressive, very impressive. Bill Churchill - Turquoise Headdress Popular Wood Sculpture!!!

Passionate Journey: The Grice Collection of Native American Art Exhibition on view at the Mint Museum of Art

from Etsy

Art Native Wolf Grizzly Bear Female Painting Wildlife Nature Portrait Art Print

Art Native Wolf Grizzly Bear Female Painting by jefflangevin